In the beginning…

In 2002 I was finishing up high school and decided that it would be cool to get into multisport.  I was a decent soccer player and a wrestler, having dabbled a bit in crew and basketball, and figured that enough of an athletic background would make my first venture into the sport a piece of cake.  After all, I was running all the time for other sports, which should make the run easy.  I was a casual biker and could go 20 miles with no problem, making the sprint distance easy, right?  Right??

Well, I was wrong.  One Cesar’s Creek sprint duathlon later (I decided that swimming wasn’t really my thing), and the world of multisport had humbled me for the first time – a feeling that now seems to be on repeat.  After that first race and more than a few glances at the sport’s pinnacle distance on ESPN2, I went to college with dreams of the Ironman and no plan towards or thoughts about actually training for it.  After college, work and travel took over, and I let it slip a bit further back.  I should say that it wasn’t just the Ironman that had me enthralled – it was the sport and challenge of triathlon as a whole – but to me the Ironman seemed like the ultimate challenge, so that’s the race that really captured my imagination.

Then came last year, mid-summer 2009 the itch came back and it was time to move.  I set my sights on the Ironman, and kicked it off with my second sprint event – seven years after my first – and this time actually trained for the swim.  I didn’t die in the water (much to my surprise!) and so I started to plan.  The 2009 season was pretty much over and I had no idea where to go from there (just start running??), so I started reading and chatting up a few people with a similar itch, and made the decision to dive in head-long.

That’s where I’ll begin this blog – trying to figure out what the heck to do with a combination of next-to-no experience, a new-found ability to not drown, an aging and only semi-used road bike, a rather strong passion against  the sport of running, and an even stronger passion to try something that was going to kick my ass.


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