Ditching the Garmin Pace Machine

So one of my strategies through marathon training has been to ditch the supercomputer that is the Garmin Forerunner 305 – heart rate monitor, pace machine, and bother extraordinaire…

Un-wired running has been the biggest boon to hitting the pavement – without being held constantly accountable to an artificially-established pace, I am more encouraged to get out and do whatever I can. And I really don’t lose anything – my body and stride have taken to natural pacing, and I can still get all of the data I need (distance, time, and average pace) by starting a stop-watch before I leave and using http://www.mapmyrun.com to piece it all together when I get back. AND ABOVE ALL, I find myself regularly improving with each passing week – I’m actually getting faster WITHOUT a Garmin…who knew that people could ever improve without a supercomputer strapped to their wrist?!?!

Lately the problem has been consistency of training – I’ve just moved back from Guatemala, to New York, so finding time within this new frenetic pace of life is a bit challenging.

Oh well, marathon’s a month out and I feel pretty good about it – did a half on Monday and ran 8:37 miles. I screwed up nutrition (didn’t bring enough), but I imagine I would have been at 8:30 without a problem had I not. 10 days ’til the NYC 18-mile warm-up in Central Park – that should be a good indicator, but my sub-4 hour goal is looking not too difficult.


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