Back at it!!

After a rather long hiatus from writing, time to get back to the blog.  Here’s what’s happened since I finished my year last year with a disappointing and painful DNS for the Hartford Marathon:

– cleared by the doc for stress fractures in my shins
– learned a lot about balancing training days and scheduling workouts (read: injury prevention)
– bought a brand spankin’ new bike (Felt B14 – see pic below)
– completed pre-training to build back some lost base prior to kicking off training for IMKY
– oh yeah, I registered for Ironman Louisville!!
– registered for IM 70.3 Mooseman in NH, and convinced my sister-in-law to race, as well! (praying she doesn’t crush me…)
– got serious about planning my training and nutrition
– joined a triathlon club (
– realized I have SO MUCH to learn about triathlon

Damn, isn't she beautiful!?

My target race for 2011 is Ironman Louisville on August 28th, with Ironman 70.3 Mooseman coming in a preparatory 2nd place.  I’m throwing a few olys in the mix to keep things fun, and maybe a few local road races to keep my racing legs fresh (“racing” is, of course, very relative).

Here’s to an awesome year ahead!  Will update weekly with training volumes and reports, and occasionally in between so you can help me figure out arising issues as they come up.


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