Week 2 is in the books.

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 8,750 yards
Bike: 4:03:28
Run: 8.44 miles
Strength: 1:23:00
Total Time: 10:11:04

This week was a volume-building week, and I made some great strides but went way too light on the running.  I missed two workouts, both were runs, and I was afraid to push it to make them up – still completely afraid of getting another overuse injury like last year.  I’m going to use this coming week to focus on the run more and get myself over that hump.

Awesome discovery this week – you CAN include strength training in an endurance regimen without letting soreness get in the way, and I can actually feel  the results!  Other than finally not getting deathly sore for 2 days after every strength workout – which is what had happened for the last 4 weeks – I’m also starting to notice some major advantages.  Primarily, I feel a heck of a lot stronger at the end of my swim stroke, even when I get fatigued.  I also notice that I have more power throughout my entire swim and pedal strokes – something that has taken me a lot longer to build in past years when I haven’t included strength training.  I’ve been following the advice of several books as well as the folks who run my triathlon club’s strength training classes, and have focused on high-rep, low weight resistence exercises – once a week to near exhaustion, doing exercises that get my heart rate up into the cardio zone, and once a week circuit-style on more machine-strucutred lifts.  This is supposed to be awesome for injury prevention, as well, as it strengthens all of those little muscles that we don’t really know we have, but that are the first to go down in mid-season injuries from unbalanced muscle usage.

I met this really cool lady today who let me follow her from Piermont, NY to Rockland Lake, NY on the bike – I’m slowly moving further north on my rides!  Wow, what an amazing ride after snow closing the bridge crossing for a few weeks – I forgot how gorgeous it is there.  This ride also gave me a chance to test out my Felt B14 on the road for the first time since last week’s professional fit – WOW was there a major difference.  I didn’t get too saddle sore, I felt like I was using the whole range of motion of my legs to contribute to the pedal stroke, and I could also finally use my aero bars without my knees kicking way out or not being able to breathe – very helpful.

All in all a great week of training with some minor hiccups, as should be expected.  I guess the key is to just keep plowing through!  I just read an old quote from Albert Einstein where he says that “weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”.  Will have to keep that one on ice for  later in the training program…


The Daily Grind

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

– Thomas Edison

This quote is awesome so I had to give it its due.  I was having a crappy night last night and got into bad head space, wondering how I was going to avoid the injury issues of last year in building volume, and how I would ever get up to the full iron-distance training where I needed to be once my “build” phase comes up in about 10 weeks.  Full of doubt, I thought of this quote, got off the couch and jumped on the bike for a REALLY tough turbo workout.

70 minutes later I was feeling awesome, and jumped off the bike for a transition run on the solid sheets of ice that were the Manhattan streets.  The turbo workout had changed my thinking, and it was no longer “how the hell am I going to do the training I have to do through the next 29 weeks?!”…instead, I was reminding myself that the only way to be great in 29 weeks is by being great right now.  Training is made of a million tiny advances, which inevitably come with a hundred thousand tiny setbacks or more – we’re always just a tiny step away from success (often a step from the couch to the trainer!), because there’s far greater success to be had in the day-to-day tiny victories, than in the one-day final event…since the Ironman, really, is just the next tiny step from final training day to race day.

Today’s Totals:  0:50:00 swim, 1:11:00 bike trainer, 0:19:30 run

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