Some Morning Humor

Hilarious – enjoy!



as you can see, this is my first post in quite a while.  training has taken over, and i love it.  being on a structured tri training plan has been a dream – exactly the opposite of what i thought it would be – and i’m noting definitive advances from week to week.  this week i’m bumping to 13 hours/week of training, as i’m starting the “aerobic base” phase of a modified 30-week plan.  this means that volume-building – and the growth of my time commitment to training – starts now.  If you’re a friend or family member, take note: i will be gradually disappearing over the next few weeks, and will be back on August 29th after Ironman Louisville!

This weekend I had to cut the bike short at 3 hours to get to the USA vs. Argentina game at the Meadowlands, but my run on Sunday felt amazing – 1:42 and just under a 1/2 marathon in distance, a balmy 30 degrees that i hardly felt and a bright sun shining through the bare trees as i ran trails for the first time in months…so nice.  and that 30 degrees was NOTHING compared to the night before – 25 degrees outside and crazy wind for a tailgate and the USA-Argentina game, followed by no less than TWO hours waiting in a line OUTSIDE for the bus back to NYC.  got on the bus just in time to prevent losing my favorite  toes.

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