Rest Week…Getting Antsy to Race

Weekly Training Totals:

Swim: 2 hour 15 min (6,000 yds)
Bike: 4 hrs 30 min
Run: 2 hrs 16 min

Total: 9 hrs 01 min

A big dip in training volume this week due to the 1-in-3-weeks rest week.  After the last few training weeks, it felt like I was pretty much doing nothing – though I did have major time in my schedule, which was nice.  I took the opportunity this weekend to head up to the Ironman 70.3 Mooseman course in Newfound Lake, New Hampshire with Noah to give the much talked-about bike course a whirl.  I’ve heard so much about how difficult it is and how steep and long the hills are, so I wanted to see what kind of course knowledge I could pick up prior to race day.  I’ll save my review of the course for another more complete post, but yeah, there were some hills up there!  We also met a great couple – Brian and Heather – who have raced Mooseman several times and had some great wisdom to share, so an all-around very worthwhile trip despite the 13 hours in the car to get there and back in one day.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering about water temperatures 8 weeks from now that far north (we were!), the lake is still COMPLETELY FROZEN!  Definitely will need a long-sleeved wetsuit this year…

A few updates on minor challenges: I’m coming back slowly into the swim, but still have some nagging left shoulder pain.  As for the bruising in my left shin, I’m hoping some deep tissue massage will work that out this week, but no appointment yet due to scheduling difficulties.

On another note, riding the Mooseman course got me really jazzed about competing again this year, so I couldn’t help myself when I got back and signed up for an early season race that’s just 3 weeks away – so pumped!  Training since January 1st and building volume over the last 10 weeks or so, I’m ready to jump in and test my sea legs out a bit while getting rid of this case of cabin fever.  I’ll be taking on the Bassman Spring Half Distance Triathlon alongside Momoko, who readily agreed last night to conquering her first multisport event in the form of the Bassman Spring Sprint Duathlon – and after taking down the NYC Half Marathon just a few weeks back as her longest running race ever (in an awesome time of 1:46!), I know she’s gonna rock the sprint course and I’m excited to see it.

So there it is – all of a sudden just 20 short days to race #1 of the season!  Wow…can’t wait to hit the course!


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