Man Down

Weekly Training Totals:

Swim: 2 hr 27 min (7,050 yds)
Bike: 6 hrs 05 min
Run: 3 hrs 36 min (26.8 miles)
Strength: 1 hr 35 min

Total: 13 hrs 43 min

Well the week of training wasn’t so bad, but my Felt B14 didn’t make it through so well.  My front derailleur cable had been getting a bit loose, and I chalked it up to cable stretching since I hadn’t adjusted the cables since I bought the bike.  It turned out to be a bit more serious though, and while we were up in Connecticut riding on Saturday my cable went 100% non-responsive and I was left with only my small chain ring for 1/2 of our ride.  I took it into the shop today thinking it would be just a simple cable replacement, but it turns out that a rivet that held some external cable casing corroded off of the frame and that caused the whole thing.  So it’s going to be a more detailed repair and what’s worse, R & A Cycles in Brooklyn where I bought the bike was not helpful at all and wanted to charge me for labor even though the frame is still under warranty, so I left it at a much better bike shop and am crossing my fingers that it’s ready for training in the Catskills next weekend.

Training was decent all week, and my new Brooks Phantom 3 running shoes combined with some rather painful deep tissue massage seem to have solved my left leg bone bruising issue for the time being (again, fingers crossed on this one).  My shoulder pain has also seemed to come around and I was able to raise my swim volume a bit.  I fell about 2 hours short on the time on the bike I wanted this week, but my hope is to make that up next weekend in the Catskills.  Regardless, though, had a fun trip up to Connecticut to ride part of the Rev3 course – just beat the rain, and had some great Columbian food on the way back…nothing like fried meat empanadas and yucca fries to finish off the day.

Exactly 13 days til my first race of the season – the Bassman 1/2 Ironman is on the horizon and I can’t wait.  In today’s 1/2 marathon training run I pulled an 8:20 pace  (1:47:40) without too much difficulty, so I’m hoping to pull 8:30s on race day and get under the 6 hour mark for the first time at the 1/2 IM distance.  I’ve never seen the course though, and I hear it’s a bit strange, so I  guess we’ll see how it goes.  As for this week, I’m hoping to hit the 15.5 hour mark on overall volume leading into next week’s rest week…of course that’s all contingent on getting my bike back in one piece…


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