Well damn…

As you may have noticed, I’ve taken quite the hiatius from posting here.  There is a reason for that, of course.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a more permanent overseas placement where I could really sink my teeth into the appropriate expat assignment.  It was challenge, growth, and using my international management degree that I was really sinking – to test my meddle and see if long-term overseas was for me.  I knew that I could do the back-and-forth, and that medium-term overseas (6-10 months) was ok, but I couldn’t get 100% into it like I wanted to.  Would long-term be different, I wondered. 

Well that chance finally came, and I was offered a 2-year post in Afghanistan to begin in late June.  I jumped at the chance.  I must admit, I was nowhere near torn…I did not even consider staying behind for Ironman Louisville – this was just so much more important.  This was my passion, what I’ve been building towards for too long to let it go for athletic pursuits.

Don’t get me wrong – I love triathlon.  The thrill of competing, of building my body to a machine-like level is fantastic – but it’s got nothing on the thrill of day-in and day-out labor that I love – both intellectually and emotionally.  Five weeks into my work here, I remain convinced that this was the right choice…well, really that it just was never really a choice – it was a given.

So no, I will not become an Ironman this year, and I’m ok with that.  I will become an Ironman at some point, but hey, it’s nice to have challengs on the far distant horizon to keep me motivated.  Through the course of the last two years, however, I have done my best to suck the nectar out of triathlon.  I trained for my first 70.3 while overseas, and still managed to finish.  I dialed in nutrition to where I could finish a 70.3 and feel pretty darn good.  I trained >20 hours per week, and realized how amazing it feels to hit the road when your body knows exactly what to do.  I overcame minor injuries, and semi-successfuly managed a more threatening injury for the first time.  And I met a ton of like-minded triathletes (read: Official Type-A Club).

Triathlon has been good to me, and it will be again – I’ll be back at some point, and I may even end up doing some racing while I’m over here (well, training over here and heading home on leave to race).  It won’t be an Ironman, but it’ll keep me in the game.

I’ll continue to update the blog every now and then, so keep reading.

As for keeping physical shape while I’m over here, here’s a link to a recent interview given to Joseph Havey’s “Tri for Time” blog.




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