Game On…Again

I haven’t posted in a few weeks in order to be sure about my next step, but now it’s crystal clear.  I love triathlon, and just don’t want to give it up.  Afghanistan is a tough place to make it work, though, as I mentioned in my last post – no pools to speak of that I can actually go to, no outdoor running, and absolutely no outdoor cycling.  I wanted to take a few weeks and think long and hard about whether I was going to pick up training again, and whether or not training for long-distance triathlon was even possible in this environment, and essentially my decision was this:

Screw it – I want it – game on.

So there we are.  My decision was to make it work – I don’t care if it’s been done in this environment before or not, and it’s going to be an awesome experience to try and crack this puzzle.   So I made a list, did several days of planning – including a solid set of excel documents – and then boarded a plane (6 flights on the way back) with 100 lbs. of checked luggage, including a triathlon bike, a (very heavy) trainer, and the basic gear that I would need.

Just hauling that luggage around, I think, was my first strenuous strength exercise of the training season!

So what am I training for?  Here’s the goal.  We’re 30 weeks out, which leaves me plenty of time to get things in order and train effectively – the trick, though, will be exactly HOW to train effectively without being able to do anything outside, and without access to a pool.

Over the next few months, here’s what you can look forward to from me:

(1) There is a new tab on this blog called “Indoor Tri Workouts” where I will post some of my favorite indoor training workouts that will (hopefully) get me across the finish line.

(2) Regular updates on training indoors – expect a rather extreme love-hate relationship.

(3) Thoughts from myself and others about indoor training for Iron-distance tri, as well as new strategies to get through it.

(4) Lots of frustration, and hopefully celebration.

So off we go – the trainer is up and workout #1 is in the books (75 minute turbo session on the trainer – loved it!).  On the road again to becoming a semi-decent triathlete…wish me luck!

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