I love my trainer!

Now that I’m back “home” in Kabul and almost over the jetlag, it was time to set up the bike, the trainer, and get my ass in gear.  Yesterday was trainer ride #1, and it was soooooooooo much better than expected.

Man, my first trainer ride getting started at the beginning of 2011 SUCKED, so I kind of expected the same after a few months without biking – but damn it felt good to kick my own butt with a sprint burst turbo workout.  Just 80 minutes or so, and enough to get started.

Bike & trainer setup in my livingroom in Afghanistan

I love the feel of sitting on the Felt B14 again, which I had built on a B16 frame as a part of a closeout deal (2011 B16 frame, but it’s the same frame as the 2011 B14, save the paint).  I seriously LOVED my last B14, and I have no doubt this will be the same…just too bad I can’t take her outside and open ‘er up on the flats!

The trainer is a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer – and let me tell ya, that thing was HEAVY to bring over here.  From what I can tell, though, it may have been worth it – it’s definitely the best one I’ve ever ridden on (and the only one over $100!).  Extremely smooth and crazy quiet.

Ok, time to go pick up some more trainer endorphins to make it through the last day of the work week tomorrow.


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  1. […] and was completely unexpected – is that I have absolutely loved every trainer ride! (see previous post about this same phenomenon).  Strangely enough, I just can’t wait to hop on in the evenings […]

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