Quote of the Day

Bite off more than you can chew, rip it to pieces, and chew it up! – Sean Swarner follow him on Twitter

I love watching triathlon forums – this attitude is everywhere.  Some new guy will post something like, “they should increase the time limit for an Ironman from 17 to 18 hours”, and all of a sudden you get 100 people responding, ripping the idea to shreds, saying if anything that they should make it harder, and that if he can’t meet the challenge, go home – just awesome! (this actually just happened here).  Triathlon is one of the few sanctuaries in the world where the envelope can never be pushed far enough…I mean hell, a handful of people every year complete a double-deca Ironman – that’s TWENTY Ironmans in TWENTY days – talk about pushing the envelope of the impossible.  There are still people that think the SINGLE Ironman is next to impossible, so twenty is just off the charts.  It just proves that impossible has everything to do with perspective and nothing to do with what is doable.

How cool is that.  When people bite off something bigger than any human is supposed to be able to chew, and then swallow it in one gulp just to move onto an even bigger bite, that gets my blood pumping… just imagine what we’re capable of when we put our nose to the grindstone when people like John Price complete a 314 MILE bike race in 5 days and 16 hours, for the THIRD time, and his FASTEST time by a whopping 15 hours at age FIFTY-FIVE.  THAT is hard-core.

John A. Price, American ultra-endurance athlete, AGE 57.

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