Irondreams Die Hard

Can’t get this monkey off my back.  It’s not going to go away until I get it done.  I can do all the sub-6 or even sub-5 hours I want to at the 1/2 Ironman distance, but the itch won’t be scratched for real until I step it up and hit the iron distance.  It simply doesn’t matter where I am, what conditions I’m in, what else I’m doing, or how it’s gotta be done – I’ve just gotta do it.

My sights are now set on Ironman South Africa – 22 April 2011.  All indoor training.  Zero pool access from November through to race day.  In a war zone.  Doesn’t matter.  I didn’t tell you sooner – actually went quiet for a bit on the blog – because I had to make a hard and fast decision on this one.  I questioned the heck out of myself, making sure that I really wanted it before committing 100%.  But I came out the other end…here’s why:

Why Ironman, and Why Now?

  1. Because people and their stories inspire me every day, and I can’t help but try and live up to their example in my own little way.
  2. Because I want to know if I can really do it
  3. Because watching 6 hours of TV is a lot less productive than watching TV while pedaling on a trainer for 6 hours at 140 BPM
  4. Because there are few better things that feel as good as finishing a killer multi-hour workout, collapsing on the floor, and then wringing out my socks and shirt in the sink
  5. Because John “Blazeman” Blaze, the Ironman warrior poet, drilled through Kona while dying from ALS.  If he can do that, what will any of us let stop us from doing what we really would love to do
  6. Because it’s hard as hell, and the challenge keeps me fresh
  7. Because I’m teaching myself to not fear failure and the resulting judgment of others
  8. Because I’ve had the fortune of living an inspired and passionate life, and that runs deeper than somewhere I go, a job I do, or what is passing between my ears from one moment to the next – it is who I am
  9. Because this quest towards Ironman is teaching me about commitment, and I think I could use that lesson
  10. Because this is the next mountain to climb, and I’ve wanted to climb this mountain for a very long time
  11. Because I can’t answer the question “Why Not?” as well as I can answer the question “Why?”
  12. Because this isn’t the only Ironman I want to complete, and we never know when time is gonna run out on us
  13. Because I’m yet to find a good reason to be conservative with my personal goals
Ironman South Africa logo

22 April 2011


2 Responses

  1. Nathan,

    Great post! I think most of us have doubts about doing a crazy race like Ironman…but I think you hit every point as to why we race. I am 100% on board with you. Ironman NYC will be my first next year…its where I grew up…how awesome is that? Keep up the inspirational and motivational posts. They definitely help, for others as well as yourself too!

    • Thanks Jason! I’ll be following your blog as well during the lead-up to IM NYC – looking forward to see how you pull it all together. In the meantime, I will definitely keep posting here!

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